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"Easy to clean" is a product of military technology for civilian, then quickly became the trend and standard for shower room industry, its most important feature is to solve the problem of easy to stick dirt, hard clean and glass yellowing.

In other countries, they used it earlier especially in Europe and some other developed countries. The core technology of “easy to clean” derived from Germany, ealiest applying to the military nuclear submarine (last century, the German submarine voyaged under the sea during a long period of time. So the surface of the submarine is easy to be corroded by sea water. In order to solve this problem,the German government set up a special military research institution , and successfully developed the easy to clean technology, then applied to nuclear submarines).

Hand in hand with German institution, through ten years of painstaking research dedicated to EC technology, China made a major breakthrough in EC technology, especially applied in the shower room in May 2011. Shower room glass processed by the EC technology, so that the glass turned to be pollution-resisting,anti-yellowing,and easy cleaning. Gradually, EC shower room is approved by the consumers and market.

8 major EC shower room excellent performances:

Easy to clean

EC shower room glass has strong hydrophobicity thus creating a super-cool easy to clean effect. The contact angle of water droplets and the glass surface is 102-109 degrees, which causing pollution-resisting of water.Just using the flushed water to clean the shower room after bathing.

Green environmental protection

EC shower room glass uses the latest silicone polymer composite solvents, without preparation, blending, heating, and does not contain any fluorine. 


EC shower room glass uses the top international EC technology, making the glass surface form special high-silica network structure. The function of EC glass can maintain for more than five years.

Temperature resistance

EC shower room glass has strong temperature resistance], with the large scope of -60 ℃ ~ +380 ℃.


Easy to clean, good shower pressure is good, withstand water pressure up to 60Bar.

UV resistant and easy clean shower all ultraviolet wavelengths.

Anti-yellowing EC technology to eliminate the water, organic cleaning liquid in direct contact with the glass surface, liquid can not penetrate glass, dirt stains inside, effectively prevent the corrosion of glass, aging, yellowing process.

Easy to clean shower room have a optimized surface, that can avoid the dirt stains attached and stop the bacteria or fungus to breeding, It can extending the cleaning time and life effectively.

The maintain common sense of Easy clean shower room

STREAM easy clean shower room hydrophobic compound mode of action of the solvent in chemical reactions on the glass.

That can make a permanent binding layer on the glass which is waterproof and antifouling. In order to keep a best effect of Easy clean for a long time, please note the following point:

1. Just simply clean is enough after use by water. If you can use towel or glass spatula to let the glass dry, the glass can maintain shiny permanently.

2. Using long time or improper use will weaken cleaning function, please use glass cleaner or general purpose detergent to clean the glass, then rinse with water, the function can be restored.

3. Do not polishing the glass.

4. Do not use a hard brush or metal brush to wash the glass.